VingCard Classic RFID Electronic Lock

Classic RFID offers the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and the quickest path to go contactless if you currently have standard Classic VingCard electronic locks installed.





4,5 V DC (3 x AA alkaline batteries).

Battery Location

Inside of the room.

Material Escutcheon: Stainless steel, quality SS316
Handles: Stainless steel quality SUS304
Battery Cover: Polycarbonate (Makrolon 6265 . V0).
RFID cover: Polycarbonate UL94V0 (Makrolon 6555).
Metal finishes

Satin Chrome (Stainless Steel with PVD), Polished Chrome (Stainless Steel with
PVD), Satin Brass (Stainless Steel with PVD),
Polished Brass (Stainless Steel with PVD), Light Bronze, Velour Nickel and US Antique

Standard plastic color Black RAL 9005 (RFID cover, end caps and battery cover).
Handle options in standard range Ship, US Ship (as standard)
Standard, Gothic, Straight, Functional ANSI,
Wing, Flair (against an upcharge).
Emergency opening options Electronic emergency opening with service unit and optional mechanical cylinder.
Locking mechanism Electro-mechanical locking mechanism located in the lockcase.
Door thickness 34 – 90 mm / 1,34 – 3,54 Inches.
System Software compatibility Visionline and Vision.
Online compatibility Wireless (based on ZigBee protocol) in Visionline.
Storage temperature 0-70 °C / 32-158 °F: non-condensing environment.
Tested operating temperature Tested from -25 °C to 70 °C ( -13 °F to 158°F), according to IEC 60068-2.
Certifications Eurpean EMC, LVD and R&TTE Directives Fire Approved according to EN 1642-1 Fire 
approved according to UL( timber doors and metal doors).
Fire approved according to german MPA standard.
ANSI lock case variants ANSI DA, ANSI DB (both available in the following versions: 4-switch, Auto deadbolt (ADB) Australia version (AUS) and Japan (JPN) version).
ANSI lock case widths 25 mm / 0,98 inches, 28 mm / 1,10 inches, 32 mm / 1,26 inches.
ANSI backset 70 mm / 2,76 inches.
EURO lock case variants EURO, EURO ADB, EURO MPA.
EURO lock case widths 20 mm / 0,79 inches, 22 mm / 0,87 inches, 24 mm / 0,94 inches.
User interface 3 colored LED display (green, red, yellow).


VingCard Classic RFID Electronick Lock


: Standalone electronic lock with RFID technology.
: Supports Mobile Access.
: Fire-listed for use on fire doors. (UL, EN, BS). : High security mortise lockcase available in ANSI, JPN,   AUS and EURO versions.
: CE, FCC approved.
: Solid steel handles with self-lubricating long life bearings.
: 3-point steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism.
: Case hardened full 1-inch (ANSI) throw deadbolt.
: Panic release function – the deadbolt and latch are automatically    retracted by inside handle for easy regress in emergency situations.
: ADA compliant (persons with physical disabilities).
: Future proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory.
: Powered by three (3) AA batteries that provide up to 2 years normal life.
: Up to 2000 event audit trail.
: Compatible with Visionline.
: Optional high security mechanical override.
: Upgrade kit from VingCard Classic (both 4.5V and 9V) magnetic    stripe or combo technology reader to RFID technology.
: Only need to add the RFID reader by replacing the top end plug. A few   minutes operation and no need to replace the lockcase or handles.

Product Specification of VingCard Classic RFID: RFID Specification

13,56MHz technology
Compatible with the following standards:
ISO 14.443 A (MIFARE including Desfire)
ISO 14.443 B
ISO 15.693



VingCard Classic ANSI DA lockcase dimension RFID Electronic Lock case dimensional layoutCLASSIC RFID ANSI DB lock case