Since revolutionizing the hospitality industry in 1979 with hotel security solutions, VingCard has continued to lead the market by continuously introducing new innovations to the industry.

VingCard is dedicated towards providing electronic security solutions to the hospitality industry and facilities where people sleep away from home and is recognized as the established worldwide leader within the industry.

The company

VingCard has products installed in more than 42,000 properties worldwide, securing in excess of 7 million hotel rooms, continuing to offer advanced technology solutions to provide security and peace of mind for both hospitality providers and their guests.

VingCard has chosen Pacific Security Systems to be its exclusive partner in the Philippines. For over 28 years now, VingCard and Pacific Security Systems have been bringing state-of-the art locking systems to the Philippine hotel industry.

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dormas2c2 transpDORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions & services enabling better buildings.

Trusted global partner
Customers and vendors around the world respect DORMA as a reliable, globally active business partner. Partnership means long-term relationship and special service.

A superior offering (product, solutions, services, processes) in each price segment that we serve.

Access solutions & services
DORMA ultimately supports the various stakeholders of every building from design to construction to ongoing service and support. Our solutions and services enable a building from smart product designs (aesthetics and technology) through to the safety, comfort and convenience of those using the building every day.

Better buildings
Begins by first understanding a customer need as it relates to managing the means from entering or exiting a room to an entire building. The solution provided is the best combination of products, services, supply chain  processes and overall customer support that best addresses the customer’s need.

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suites transpSuites is part of the O&G Ventures Group of Companies, which substantially operates in the hotel investment sector. This provides a deep understanding of the hotel operational needs and what quality products are required.

Suites products are manufactured with an understanding of what guests expect, a scientific technology to address all economic and environmental requirements as well as ensuring the highest level of guest comfort.

The Ultimate Quality Products made for the hospitality industry achieving outstanding low energy consumption levels, eco-friendly and with attractive design. We design our products with modern features and technology, so as to take the hospitality industry forward and head into a new era. Suites reputed as a “Boutique for Hospitality Supply”, a reputation fiercely being honoured.

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