Frequently asked questions

Question: Do you have other Vingcard products aside from your electronic lock sets?

Yes we have other VingCard products as follows: our Elevator Multi-Output Controller, which allows you to prevent your guest from accessing any restricted building floors; and our Remote Controller, an electronic lock set-like equipment which is being installed on your glass doors equipped with electro-magnetic locks.

Question: Aside from hotels, what other properties or industries have you installed your Vingcard products?

Pacific Security Systems – VingCard does not limit its circle within the business and vacation hotels but has also catered to residential hotels, dormitels, and offices, malls, schools, and warehouses.


Question: Does Vingcard only cater to five-star and international hotel chains?

Absolutely NOT.  Pacific Security Systems – VingCard has become partners with several locally-owned accommodation properties;  we have  catered to properties with less than 20 rooms.

Question: Will Vingcard electronic lock sets work on nearby beaches or in any isolated island resorts?

Definitely YES; since VingCard electronic lock set components are all silicone-sealed.  Fact: some of the best and high-end beach resorts and hotels in the country are now enjoying the benefits of our VingCard electronic lock sets.

Question: Where was Vingcard originated and made?

VingCard lock set parts are European-made  and are being assembled in our VingCard-owned warehouses and factories in China.

Question: If we buy and use other RFID key cards (generic) besides Vingcard key cards, will it work on your system?

No, any generic RFID key card in the market will NOT work on our system.  VingCard key cards are proprietary and are card-protected to ensure security from other RFID key cards.

Question: What is your delivery timeline?

After placing the purchase order and receipt of your initial down payment; ordering and delivery will take from 6-8 weeks.

Question: How long will the batteries last per Vingcard electronic lock set?

Depending on your door opening usage, but normally the batteries will last at least from 8 months to 10 months.

Question: Any battery brand you may recommend?

 Any battery brand of your choice is fine, but we suggest you try and use the GP Industrial Alkaline Batteries.

Question: What type of and how many batteries shall be used in every Vingcard electronic lock set?

Three (3) AA alkaline batteries are only required per electronic lock set.

Question: Do Vingcard electronic lock sets require electrical wirings during installation?

No, VingCard Electronic Lock sets do not require any wiring since these are battery-operated.