Pacific Security Systems, as the exclusive partner of VingCard in the Philippines, has provided the country’s hotel industry a more heightened sense of security through its state-of-the-art locking systems for the past 28 years.

Vingcard is the global leader in electronic locking, continually combining innovation, the latest technological developments, and stylish elegance. This combination streamlines and speeds up the guests’ check-in time and assures them comfort and maximum safety in their rooms. In reducing staff time’s attendance to these guests, it also saves the hotel overhead costs which in turn lead to a more profitable bottomline.

VingCard Essence RFID Black model

Vingcard’s reliability and the safety measures it provides has been proven in seven million hotel rooms and 42, 000 properties around the globe. In the Philippines, Pacific Security Systems has implemented the Vingcard system in ALMOST 300 hotels, and approximately 30,000+ rooms, contributing to the customer satisfaction and repeat business that the hotel now receives from its guests. In securing its guests’ privacy and well-being, Vingcard also strengthens the hospital’s reputation when it comes to security, which it can leverage on to expand its market.


VingCard Classic RFID Electronic Lock


PSS VingCard Signature RFID Electronic lock


VingCard Electronic Essence Black Style

ESSENCE Version 2