The Wellway Mini-Bar

The Wellway Mini-Bar is top-of-the-line as far as hotel room refrigerators and mini-bars are concerned. Pacific Security Systems is the exclusive distributor of this brand which has captured a significant market share in its country of origin, Mainland China. Founded in 1997, Wellway pioneered game-changing product breakthroughs such as the absorption-cooling technique and the mass-producing absorption platform.

Innovations in thermo-cooling design make its energy efficiency systems superior to most brands. Compared to similar products in the market, it consumes only .80 kilowatt hours for every 24-hour consumption.

The Wellway Mini-Bar’s ingenious engineering maintains the beverages at the guests’ desired cold temperature. With their drinks chilled, they themselves can chill out while surfing the net or watching cable TV. Another reason why guests have taken to the Wellway Mini-Bar is the silence with which it operates, compared to the buzzing sound that some products make as they recharge. Without this interruption, the guests can enjoy hours of uninterrupted rest.

wellway mini bar glass door

Other features that make the Wellway mini-bar the first-preferred product in many leading hotels and establishments:

  • Design is customized 100% specifically for the hotels, inns, motels, etc. in the hospitality industry with the comfort and convenience of the hotel guest in mind in order to increase return visits and thus return business for the business owner
  • Innovative material made of the purest aluminum increases efficiency in cooling while lowering power consumption
  • State-of-the-art themal regulator that is highly accessible because of its touch modality but invisible and located behind the interior LED light. Internal cooling temperature setting can be changed without relocating items placed in the bar. Guests also would not be able to lower, increase, or change the mini-bar setting, leaving the control of the mini-bar to the hotel
  • Three-layer glass structure prevents condensation of water while heightening preservation through cooling. Wellway is the only mini-bar that has this structure
  • Mini-bar’s screens are very bright but low in power consumption. Distance sensor controls the light as the door of the bar is opened and closed.
  • Strong tempered glass with plastic stoppers sets drinks in place, making them easy to organize, and preventing them from falling over
  • Equipped with the latest Generation 2 Cooling System that raises the bar in the industry as its energy-efficient electronic thermostat and optimized, enhanced product design

The Wellway Mini-Bar Comes in two attractive designs:

Glass Door

Wellway in room minibar

Solid Door


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